Friday, April 25, 2014


Kit and her mother and step were diving her to blackwood one day because it is her new boarder college. The first day she was there she was the only student because she came a day early. Kit felt a presence on the first day there, one like she never felt before, the presence was... Evil. She felt there was some thing different about this place.That night she had a dream, she saw a man besides her and swore it wasn't a dream, the man she saw was her  dad. Not her step dad but her real dad. That morning when she woke up, she hurried down stairs hoping for a room filled with new students. But she came downstairs to see her mother crying. Her dad died in an accident that night, Kit told every body what she saw that night. But still, everyone didn't believe her. At the end of the day, one student came. Her name was Sandra, she preferred to be called Sandy. That's the name she's called by now. Next morning, Sandy and Kit heard the noise of giggling down stairs, they sprinted down stairs only to find two more girls. Madame Duret, the owner pf this school said these were the only students accepted to come here. The past couple of days since then were very odd. The hallways seemed really creepy. one night Kit heard sandy scream, she hurried to her room but the door was locked she turned the knob one last time and it opened. She reached for Sandy's arm she it was freezing, her whole body was. she said there was a girl next to her bed. Her name was apparently Ellis. The two girls names were Ruth and Lynda,
They were best friends and new each other for a long time. A few weeks later Lynda started drawing great canvas's. Ruth showed Kit a painting of Lynda's from a year ago. It's completely different. Kit has been playing the piano really good, Ruth has been doing amazing math/science. Sandy has been writing poetry. Some thing is different about these girls. A few months later, Madame tells the truth about whats happening to them. They are actually being used as objects to bring back the dead. Once they found this out they threw all there work into the fire and cause the whole building to catch on fire. they run out and forget about Lynda. So, Kit runs into there and tries to save her. her door was locked so she told her to jump out the window. We don't know if she actually jumped. but Kit might of died. She saw her dad that died in an accident a while back. she got out of the house and a car pulled up to her...
              This book was pretty interesting. I would recommend this book to people who like suspense. it ends with suspense after every paragraph.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Gum, good or bad?


                           Gum, healthy or not?

    It is said to be that gum is unhealthy for you, but are they wrong? A 2013 and 2014 study say that gum stimulates your brain and helps you extend you attention span to help you focus. But, Chewing gum is bad for you early in the morning. It isn't good in the morning because it can rot your teeth. But why cant we chew gum only during large tests? The question is still trying to be defended by teachers.
          I believe that we shouldn't just be able to chew gum not only during large tests but at least most of the day. If your struggling in a subject, you should be able to chew gum during that class to help you focus. I still don't understand why teachers don't let us chew gum in class. They really should considering how it helps us focus.


This blog was about how chewing gum is actually good for you in school. Extends attention spands, help you focus, be more interested in learning. Teachers really should let students chew gum in school. It'll definitely make there job easier when they have a room full of students ready to learn.

     Challenge- can you convince your teachers to allow gum.
   Question- How do you feel about this blog?

Flappy Bird


                                    Flappy Bird                              

      Is flappy bird possibly the most aggravating game you've ever played but to addicted to delete it? Well, i know it is for me. I'm pretty sure everyone knows about flappy bird taken off the app store? That's one reason other people wont delete off their IOS or android device. Now that's an even bigger problem because people know they're not going to be able to get it back. They're manipulated! Flappy bird is the type of game that makes you want to throw your phone against the wall and brake it!! We cant let a game like that get in our heads. Some people get stuck at 26 like it did, and then i got lucky and sky rocketed to 346 out of pure luck. Some people think they're determined to get more than what they usually get. And different phones have more space between the pipes.

   There are many tips and hacks in flappy bird that don't work on some phones, but there is always a hack that works on some ones phones. The best tips are to stay calm,and find a certain rhythm. Only tap one time in each pipe you go through, tap the screen when you in the bottom half of the pipe.And sure there are down loadable hacks but they can cause bad viruses. So, I wouldn't count on those. Just stick to the helpful tips. And good luck!!

Challenge- can you get a higher score then 50 on Flappy bird?
Comment your  high score.

Question- have you found your best sate of mind while playing Flappy bird?

Monday, March 10, 2014

Is lying OK?

                  Lying, to be or not to be?

 This blog will be about is it is OK to lie. To me, some times lying is the right thing to do. Do you really want to hurt your friends feelings by saying that there shoes are ugly? We'll, I hope not. I believe that lying is OK because people lie at least twice a day, why not make it useful, sometimes you have to lie like when you get clothes for Christmas and you don't like them and you don't want to disappoint your parents, some times lying is the right thing to do.
      Say for Christmas your grandma gave you a sweater that a picture of you two and has "i love you"engraved in pink below the picture. Are you gonna speak the truth on what you think about the sweatshirt and say, "What is this? I'm never gonna wear that thing you old fool!?!" Or are you going to wear it every time you see her and act like you love it? I'm gonna act like I love it and not hurt her feelings. In that situation, the right thing to do is lie.
         Experts say that most people lie at least twice a day. Most of them are harmful. But why not put lying to a good use? By a good use I mean use lying not to hurt someones feelings. Say your friend got new shoes that are green purple and orange, he/she thinks they're cool but you don't, and then she/he asks you straight in the face what you think about them, you hesitate and you try not to hurtthere feelings. What would you do? Just lie, you wont hurt there feelings by saying that you like there shoes.

    I believe that lying is a good thing because people lie twice a day to make something better, to not disappoint there friends/family, it helps keep a friendship good. I believe lying is ok and you should too.

Challenge question~ comment a time that you had to lie, good/bad?

Friday, February 14, 2014


                      Muhammad Ali

        Muhammad Ali is known to be one of the best boxers to ever live. That is next to Mike Tyson, Manny pacquiao and of course, Floyd Mayweather Jr. But this blog isn't about them, its all about Muhammad Ali. He became interested into boxing after someone stole his bike at the age of twelve. He got so mad when he reported it to the police, he told them he wanted to beat him up. One of the police officers told that he needed to learn how to fight first, so he told that he owns a gym that he can train at. From day one of training he took it very seriously he practiced 6 days a week. And in the morning he would wake up super early to jog. Training was no joke to him.
        Quoted from Muhammad Ali,''A man with no imagination,has no wings.'' I think that this means if you don't have an imagination, you wont get far. it was kind of hard for me to understand it, but reading it over a couple times gave me a clear image of it. Muhammad Ali quotes,''He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.'' This means if you want to succeed in any thing, you must know to take risks. Another quote from Muhammad Ali is,'' Suffer now, and live the rest of your life a champion.'' This means that work as hard as you can in practice, and it will pay off.    
     This quote has effected my life because when i work as hard as i can in practice, it always pays off in my matches and my games. Working extra hard will make you stronger and better at whatever your goal is. 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

left overs.


  My blog will be about left overs. I chose this topic because my family always have left overs after Thanksgiving. Three things that i find interesting about Thanksgiving is;

1. If left overs are in the fridge for too long, you can get  sick if you eat them.

2. If left overs are in air tight containers, it will slow down the growth of deadly bacteria on your left overs.

3. Left overs will save you money and time.

This topic relates to thanksgiving because everyone will have left overs after Thanksgiving!

                                          Paragraph Two
My opinion on this topic is that left overs are as good as they are at the dinner table when you first get it!